Welcome to the new and improved Friendship Style

The world is changing faster than ever, those who do not adapt to the times are quickly brushed to the side by progress.  Every so often, you’re faced with a choice: Am I going to be part of history, or am I going to be part of the FUTURE!  

With that in mind, I am thrilled to announce to you that after tonight, we will no longer have the boring old stupid domain of friendshipstyle.com, we will be found exclusively at the hot fresh rad domain friendshipstyle.wordpress.com. 

So what’s going to change?  This is not a simple domain change, you will also see unprecedented levels of 




We will be utilizing all the cutting-edge advancements in CD-ROM technology 


And “gifs”


So hold on to your seats, this is not your grandpa’s Friendship Style (partly because most of your grandpa’s friends are probably dead).

So take my hand and come with us on this journey into uncharted territory.  Soar with us on eagles’ wings of tomorrows and all of the horizons of unknown dreams.  Also, this is a great time to invest in Friendship Style.





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