Celebrity Nip Slip: Issue 1

Like it or not we live in a society of instant gratification. What with the fast food, instant streaming tv, and glory holes, everyone knows what they want and that they want it now. Far be it from me to break away from the crowd and get my eyeshare of celebrity naughty parts the old-fashioned way (sitting outside of a Hollywood mansion waiting for Danny Devito to finally take off that robe). I present you with the most fresh idea to hit the internet since the dancing cat montage: the celebrity nip slip. Every week (or when I feel like it) I will bring you the newest and most revealing celebrity photos. From Glenn Close to the entire cast of “The Nanny” we’ve got more candid celeb photos than you’ll know what to do with. So just sit back, relax, and try not to pop a major B.

This Week I bring you….

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Enjoy Ladies and Gents

Oops! I hope those evil geniuses at Friendshipstyle dont get ahold of this photo. Also, I cut my own hair.