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I like dogs. Do you like dogs?

Things that almost make me not want to be friends with everyone.

  • The story of how you first found out you had a wheat allergy
  • Your bumper stickers
  • The inspirational quotes you like
  • How awesome you think the Big Lebowski is
  • How much you love sushi and wish there was a good sushi place around here
  • The story about how drunk you were last night/how drunk this one guy was last night/how drunk you’re going to get tonight/how you like Bud Light but not Miller Light and “Oh my gosh, I am the total opposite!”
  • How much you like the Cubs (I’ve overcome this one)
  • Your ironic mustache

Friendship Advice: Did he *really* find this outside?

We all know and love Landon, and trust me, I love him more than any of you.

When I came over Thursday night I saw this in his bed. I asked what it was, and first he looks down and says, “I…found it”. “Where?” I ask. “….Outside”.


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Nannin Let Me Cut His Hair

One of the concerns that came up in Landon’s recent move and separation from Andrew was…whom ever would cut his hair?! Heaven forbid he should go to SuperCuts and plonk down $9 bucks for a professional to put her boobs on the back of his neck for 10 minutes and give him a decent fade (I figured he’d go for that).

Solution: I must learn.

We borrowed some clippers and cut his hair in his parents’ kitchen with 900 dogs and 4000 kids running around. You may have seen a picture of Landon’s answer to a barber’s apron:

It doubles as a Batman suit.

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Have you seen me?


"Hey! How about a nice Hawaiian Punch?" *POW*

Hawaiian. Punch. Candy.

It was the best candy on the planet and I can’t find it anywhere unless I want to buy it by the case which is probably a bad idea since I have an $800 dress to squeeze myself into in a few months. Yes, I deemed this important enough to put out a distress call.